2016: Towards a fresh start!

Anddd that’s it for 2015! It has been a wonderful year for me! In my four years of cosplaying, 2015 has been the best year so far.

Krul Tepes (Owari no Seraph) Photo by Bri Rodelas

I was really happy that 2015 opened new doors for me. I met new friends, I was able to join and be invited to photo shoots, have a cosplay group, and be part of an amazing team.

2015 started slow for me in terms of cosplaying. I got busy with school stuff that’s why. When September came, the cosplays came crashing down! Events, photos hoots, and other stuff happened every week! My parents reprimanded me because of that, them being mindful of my health.

Anyway, 2015 was also the year I was invited to be part of an amazing team which is Moonstruck Creatives. Romeo Encisa Jr., who I call Kuya Roms, the creative director of Moonstruck Creatives and a close friend of mine was the one who invited me to be part of his team.


Naomi as Midare Toshirou (Touken Ranbu) Photo by Aire

Though the start of my 2015 until mid-November was a bummer, it still ended well, and better than I have expected. It was such a roller coaster ride of emotions. Who knew I was capable of handling all those feels /pats self/ ! Of course, I wouldn’t be where I am now without the help of my best friends, my ever jolly room mates, and my friends who helped me along the way, especially during the times I was struggling to fight my inner demons.

STRG7584 copy.jpg

Benio (Zone-00) Photo by Moonstruck Creatives / Romeo Encisa Jr.

I will be in a hiatus this 2016 because I will focus more (I will try to lol) on my studies. College will be tougher this coming semester, so goodluck to me!


Nikki as Alisa Bosconovitch (Tekken) Photo by Aire

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a fruitful 2016. Also, I’ve started an album called “366 Days” which is an album consisting of everyday shinanegans of yours truly. This is to remind me that everyday is a blessing and also my form of self-therapy.

2015 cosplay

Shiro [No Game No Life] (c) Christine
Rin Kagamine Bonus Stage [Vocaloid] (c) Vester Piedad
Len Kagamine Imitation Black [Vocaloid] (c) Daisuke
Benio [Zone-00] (c) Moonstruck Creatives/Romeo Encisa Jr.
Qui Tong [Their Story] (c) Christine
Ken Amada [Persona 3] (c) Shotgun Photography/Mathew Vergel de Dios
Kisshou [Zone-00] (c) Jemarc Mojica
Izuna Hatsuse [No Game No Life] (c) Jumpshot/Jump Pilapil
Namazuo Internal Affairs [Touken Ranbu] (c) Fritz Taquiqui
Rin Kagamine Secret Police [Vocaloid] (c) Bri Rodelas
Shiro Yoshiwara Festival ver. [Adekan] (c) Bri Rodelas
Krul Tepes [Owari no Seraph] (c) Bri Rodelas
Elise [Sound Horizon] (c) EyeBug Productionz + Untold Stories/Kaylze Aishien
Rin Hoshizora Candy ver. [Love Live!] (c) Totodale Photography/Dale Perias
Izumi Sena Happy Wedding [Love Stage!!] (c) Keiaveunalliv/ Kei Villanueva
Girl -conceptual shoot- [Somnium] (c) Mio Conechado