Touken Ranbu shoot

TouRan teaser

愛染国俊 CN: Misaki Asahina
明石国行 CN: Soba Cake
乱藤四郎 CN: Naomi Saotome
薬研藤四郎 CN: Kasume
Photo and post-process by Me

It’s been a while since I’ve last posted here ; u ; Goodness, college is taking most of my time OTL

Anyway, last October 17, 2015, I was invited by my friend Kasume to join her Touken Ranbu shoot. I was supposed to go as Namazuo, but I don’t have his default costume yet so I just went as a photographer lol.

It was a really fun shoot because, 1) It was my first time shooting under the rain; 2) I got to meet fellow photogs and learned few things from them; 3) I got to shoot sword boys hehehe

I hope to shoot more sword boys in the future!

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