Zone00 Benio + Kisshou

It’s finally here!! After 2 years of planning, it’s finally here! *A*

I was really hesitant at first to cosplay this boy (Yes! This is a boy!) because his devil version’s (Kisshou) costume is too revealing for me. I only opted to cosplay his angel version (Benio) but with encouragements from friends to cosplay Kisshou too, I sucked up all my worries and had both costumes made.

It’s a really big step for me since outfits like Kisshou’s aren’t really my thing for most of my cosplays but I really do love this character and thus, it drove me to be fit for him ~

Photos below are from my recent trial. Both costumes still lack some details and I’m wearing a random blonde wig that I found stashed here at home that I just made do with XD

Benio  Benio


Kisshou  Kisshou


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