Zone00 Benio + Kisshou

It’s finally here!! After 2 years of planning, it’s finally here! *A*

I was really hesitant at first to cosplay this boy (Yes! This is a boy!) because his devil version’s (Kisshou) costume is too revealing for me. I only opted to cosplay his angel version (Benio) but with encouragements from friends to cosplay Kisshou too, I sucked up all my worries and had both costumes made.

It’s a really big step for me since outfits like Kisshou’s aren’t really my thing for most of my cosplays but I really do love this character and thus, it drove me to be fit for him ~

Photos below are from my recent trial. Both costumes still lack some details and I’m wearing a random blonde wig that I found stashed here at home that I just made do with XD

Benio  Benio


Kisshou  Kisshou


New blog!

Hello there dear Earthlings! So I’ve /finally/ made a blog! Well, I have made blogs before but I can’t seem to have time to update it and all. I’ve made two tumblr blogs before for cosplay, but wordpress seems more flexible for me (and it isn’t blocked here in my dorm lol).

Anyways, I’ll try  my best to update this blog often! 😀